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Man Is Born Worker Essay

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Man is born worker. He has to battle against the forces of nature to make his life on this earth less difficult. If he lives under severe climatic conditions, he works hard to overcome them. He is capable of working very hard, but he cannot work continuously for long. He needs rest to soothe and comfort his tired nerves and muscles.

At the end of a day’s work, we need some time to refresh the mind and the body. We need to engage ourselves in light and interesting deed. While choosing leisure time activist we should select one that is different from our usual work. It is essential to give proper exercise to all the parts of our body, as well as, our mind.

A manual worker should do such work during his leisure that entertains the mind. Those who do brain work should spend their leisure in pastimes that give exercise to their bodies. A balance between the mental and physical labour is essential for health and happiness.

We should never remain idle. After finishing our day’s work, we should engage ourselves in a hobby. An idle brain will always think of mischief. Moreover, idleness is harmful to our health. It makes us lazy. Night affords ample rest. Too much of sleep and rest disturb the normal function of the body.

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Games are excellent pastime. They refresh and give exercise to our body and mind. The excitement of games makes us forget about cares and worries of life. They give exercise to our limbs. Team games teach us how to work together with full cooperation to achieve a common goal.

We entertain ourselves with various hobbies, such as skating, photography, painting, gardening, games, cooking, baking and even walking. Everyone should choose a hobby that suits his profession. Leisure should be usefully employed to refresh one self. It should provide recreation to the body and the mind.

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