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Copper Essay Examples

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Limiting Reactant Lab

Introduction: During this lab, we found the excess reactant and limiting reactant between Aluminum and Copper (ll) Chloride. Using stoichiometry, we were able to make predictions. Through the reaction 2Al + 2CuCl₂ → 3Cu + 2AlCl₃ we carried out this experiment and determined that the limiting reactant was CuCl₂ and that the aluminum was in…

Why are standards so important for NICs, connectors, and media

Use your textbook and Internet research to justify your answer. Standards are put in place to make everything work together error free. Because Stability, Consistency, Minimization of packet errors. 4.1.2 The voltage for registering a bit of 1 on Ethernet can be as low as 2.5 volts or even 1 volt. Why is this so…

Making Copper

When creating my stock solution of Copper (II) Sulphate I accurately weighed out approximately 24. 96g of Copper (II) Sulphate crystals on a 3 decimal place balance. I used the weighing by difference method to accurately obtain an exact weight for the crystals. This required me to weigh the mass of the weighing boat and…



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Measuring Young’s Modulus of Copper

Aim: To study the stress/strain behavior of copper wire and estimate the Young’s modulus of copper Apparatus: Copper wire s.w.g.32 about 4 m G-clamp ?1 Wooden block ?2 Metre rule ?4 Pulley on clamp ?1 Micrometer screw gauge ?1 Hanger (0.01 kg) ?1 Slotted mass (0.05 kg) ?8 Slotted mass (0.1 kg) ?6 Slotted mass…

Young Modulus of Copper

Theory The following quantities is important for the experiment’s concerns: Stress is defined as ? =Force / Cross-sectional area ( F/A ) Strain is defined as ? = Extension / Natural length ( e/l ) The ratio of Stress to Strain, is the Young modulus (E= ?/?) Since a stiffer material requires larger stress to…

Copper and nichrome

To investigate the resistance of the 3 different types of wires, constantan, copper and nichrome, by using 1 set of circuit. Research: Constantan A metal alloy made of 45 percent Nickel and 55 percent Copper. Constantan wire is used chiefly in electrical instruments and other equipment, which can take advantage of its unusual physical property,…

Magnesium and Copper

An Experiment to test which combinations of metals will produce the highest voltage in a variety of fruits to make a fruit battery Aim: To test which combinations of metals will produce the highest voltage in a fruit battery. Prediction: I predict that the combination of the most reactive metal (Magnesium) and the least reactive…

Constantan Wire Investigation

Length of wire graph Analysis continued Graph A I have noticed a pattern in graph A, The material that allows the most current in is copper then Constantan and the least is Nichrome. As the voltage decreased then the current increased. There is one prediction that I think, which is that copper does not hold…

When using different metals

An example of this is when an iron nail is put in a copper sulphate solution. A displacement reaction only occurs when a metal reacts with an acid. This is an exothermic reaction. Exothermic means that the energy is going out of the reaction. Chemical reaction where the energy content of the products is less…

How is resistance affected in a wire?

I also predict that the thicker the wire the smaller resistance it will have. I predict that the graphs will be linear graphs because I is proportional to V. Results: Copper-26 Size (Cm) P. D. (V) Current (A) RESISTANCE (? ) Average 0. 357 What I found out: I found out through my graphs and…

Constantan and Copper

This crystalline therefore will not be able to hold the amount of stress which will be exerted by the weights slowly being added on; however we can predict that the copper element will face much stress and therefore will experience necking as the atoms as shown in the diagram will dislocate the atoms and therefore…

The current In A Wire

Introduction The aim of this experiment is to see how current varies in a wire. There are five things I can vary: Temperature Diameter Length Material Voltage I have chosen to investigate length. This is because temperature is too difficult to control, diameter is too small to measure, there are too few materials available and…

Energy changes in a displacement reaction

To make this experiment a fair test, certain variables need to be kept the same. The same person needs to be kept the same, so that the reaction speed is kept the same. Also, 50cm3 of copper sulphate needs to kept the same all the way through also, so that the reaction with the zinc…

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