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Analyzing Brazilian Movie Essay

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The movie “Behind the Sun” is a Brazilian film, entitles “Abril Despedacado” in Portuguese, based to the novel “Shattered April” originally written by multi awarded Albanian writer “Ismail Kadare”. The film was released in the year 2001, directed by a multi-talented and reputable Brazilian movie director “Walter Salles”, and produced by an Academy film producer “Arthur Cohn”. Although, the movie was not able to garner major movie awards and recognition, director Walter Salles’s Behind the Sun, had received a bunch of positive feedbacks from different movie critics and fanatics from countries across the globe.

(IGN Entertainment, Inc. ) Nevertheless, the Brazilian motion picture “Behind the Sun” is said to be one of the successful movie, produced and done in Brazil. Technically, the movie Behind the Sun is a thematic drama and thrilling film, which tells the story between the bloods battle of two Brazilian families, who are battling for land rights. Essentially, the storyline of the film is a depiction of the family struggles, which shows the extent of family desire to revenge for their aggravated member of the clan, a result of personal and objective desire to own a merely useless and forgotten land.

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The movie shows the true color of elderly Brazilian family members to chase their desire to own a land, specifically, the movie tells the bloody battle tale of two Brazilian family, the “Breeves Family” and the “Ferreiras Family”, as they struggle for long been quarrel on the unproductive land. Moreover, the story line runs through the bloody family conflict, as the scenes are depictions of offensive actions against the two different oppositions in the movie.

Most of the scenes in the movie, are the bloody picture of killing between the two young Brazilian gentlemen (teenagers) from both side of the family, as they act their revenge for their murdered family member, cause by their long been family quarrel over a destitute land. Nonetheless, the story line of the movie Behind the Sun is a depiction of the long been bloody tale for land rights, between two Brazilian families, the “Breeves” and the “Ferreiras”, and a struggle for honor.

Moreover, the story of the movie “Behind the Sun” had happened way back 1910, as the Breeves and the Ferreiras argued for a merely useless land. The movie takes place in the “Northeast part of Brazil”, which is also known as the”badland”. Technically, the Northeast of part Brazil is the settings of the movie, where the two families quarrel over a property right of a dying sugarcane land. Since, the movie happened in the year 1910 and in the northeast of Brazil, the primary characters or the two families finds their way of living through the blessings of their land.

Meaning, the Breeves and the Ferreiras makes their living through agriculture. In addition to this, the movie tells a profound family relationship, on which the Breeves and Ferreiras show in-depth family relationship and closed family links. Nevertheless, the movie is depiction of the true color of Brazilian family, which is united, loving and brave, ready to fight for their family members and honor. Movie Production, on the other hand, is awesomely amazing, as the directors, actors and the rest of the people responsible for the movie do their job really well for this project.

Starting from camera angles, the director and camera man had done a great job, as the shots in the movie are appropriately done to give superb detail in every scene or event. The camera angles are perfect, as far as I can say that it gives the right shot, which the specific scene and happenings requires. Technically, the Cinematography of the movie is equally great as the camera angles and shot. The film’s cinematography gives fine details for every scene, as the movie introduces a profound definition of cinematography for the movie Behind the Sun.

Since, the movie is a tale of bloody family battle, happened in the early 19th century (1910), in the Northeast part of Brazil, the lights and colors of the movie, supports, enhances and provide the needed emotions in every scenes. Nevertheless, The cinematography or the lighting and the color of the movie, makes the story, every scene and the whole film realistic, as if it was shoot way back 1910. Costumes props and the settings of the movie, on the other hand, are all timely and appropriate with the portrayal of 1910 era.

The props men and the creative director, have definitely done their job at the very best they can. The costumes and the cultural settings of the movie, like early Brazilian agricultural materials are reproduce appropriate and was used accordingly. Even the food, are all timely to the 1910 era and the way of living as well as the whole surroundings are likely the same in the year 1910. The House of Sand, on the other hand, is another Brazilian film, which was released four years after “Behind the Sun”, in 2005.

(Netflix, Inc. ) Just like the movie “Behind the Sun” by “Walter Salles”, The House of Sand is a movie, which also tells a family Brazilian family story. Essentially, these two Brazilian movies are both produced in the early 20th century and for that fact these two films had been successful on their own ways. Apart from being the same as Brazilian movies,” Behind the Sun” and “ The House of Sand” both happened in the northern part of Brazil. In addition, these two Brazilian movies share a likely family tale in their story.

Although, the movies “Behind the Sun” and “The House of Sand” are the alike in different aspects, these two Brazilian movies still vary in some manner. First, in the movie Behind the Sun, the focal point of the story is through the connection or relationship between the father and son, while on the movie The House of Sand, the storyline evolves essentially between the mother and daughter relationship. Second, The House of Sand has lighter conflict or dilemma in its story, while the movie Behind the Sun has more serious and critical family conflict or dilemma in its tale.

Nevertheless, these two movies are effectively positive, on which a depiction of social and moral lessons on certain issues in our community today. Works Cited IGN Entertainment, Inc. (2008), Behind the Sun (2001): Retrieved May 13, 2008 from http://www. rottentomatoes. com/m/behind_the_sun/#synopsis Netflix, Inc. (2008), The House of Sand (2005): Retrieved May 13, 2008 from http://www. netflix. com/Movie/The_House_of_Sand/70043822? mqso=80012394

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